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October 28th, 2011

more on rene

I was reading up on rene and found some more facts so here they are:

his early life
his farther was a lawyer and magistrate which apprently left only very little time for his family.
his mother died in may only a year after his birth of him.Rene and his full brother and sister was raised by their grandmother even though their farther remarried.
rene even got a baclorate in civil law.

October 27th, 2011

Rene Descartes

so....what's the point with Rene??????
well... I am going to tell you a bit.
well a bit more from yesterday.

I was just reading up on  my homework subject and guess what i found ....

he is sometimes called the father of modern philosophy well how come people get to be the fathers of subjects Shakespeare , Galileo all i'm saying they must be really good to become the father of things like that!!!!!

but back to the point Rene.....   

he not only studied philosophy he also studied mathematics and the verbal arts which consist of grammar ,rhetoric and dialectic or logic.

so overall quite a wide criteria he covers but he needed to use all his skills to master philosophy.


October 26th, 2011

Rene Descartes

Rene Descartes

Fact file:

born on the 31st march 1596 to Joachim Descartes and Jeanne Brochard in La Haye in France near Tours. 

he was a famous french philosopher who was most famous for his soul, body and mind theories.

he is also  famous for his saying "i think there for i am".

meaning he uses his mind therefor he must be real as he can use his brain and think.

he said that God was like infinity and he could see infintiy because he could see a larger object but not the largest.

he also said that if God was real then the world must be real.

the connection between the mind and soul is called cartesian dualism.

Rene argued agaist skepticism the belief that God does not exist.

Rene sadly died on the 11 febuary 1650.

SEE YOU SOON !!!!!!!!



philosophers are people who study and question modern thinking and queries.
they are the people who try to answer questions like those mention before and many more, in other words there're paid to think!

famous thinkers:

Galileo,rene descartes
St Tomas Aquinas,
George Boole.

but i'm going to talk about Rene Descartes.

see my next post for more on Rene.

see my next post for info on Rene.


what is philosophy?

well....i'm here to expain,

philosophy is the study of questioning and reasoning they ask questions like:

does god exsist?,
what is beuty?,
what is the meaning of life?.

for many centuries cultures have been using philosophy as a way of life as it ties into their religon.

but why do we need it?

i've heard this question being ask quite a few times and sadly only know a bit about the subject as honestly this is a homework project.but i'll try!!

i think we need it because if not we won't have reasoning and it wouldn't get us to the making of religon.

well...bye thanks for reading.
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